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Professional people watcher. Head of Talent @ Generally Intelligent. MIT alum. ex-engineer. ex-PM.

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How to be a vulnerable recruiter

Have you ever met someone who immediately made you let your guard down? You’re talking to a stranger, and all of a sudden you’re telling them your life story, revealing raw emotions, painting pictures of your hopes and dreams. Something about them tells you that it’s perfectly safe to be vulnerable with them, so you just do it.

And it feels amazing! Deep, meaningful connections are formed out of vulnerability. One of my close friends is the kind of person that brings vulnerability out in others, and it fascinates me to watch her meet new people. After observing her emotionally disarm a small army of unsuspecting individuals, I’m convinced I understand the secret: to invite vulnerability from another person, you have to first offer up vulnerability yourself. My friend’s secret is to start saying vulnerable things, and voila!, the other person responds with vulnerable things in return.


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How to be an honest recruiter

There have been two times in my life that I was misled by a recruiter. The first time, I lasted 11.5 months on the job before realizing I just couldn’t do it anymore. The second, I lasted 1 year and 7 months before quitting. Both times, I walked away with emotional scars that linger years later.

I’ll keep the sob stories short, as I know most of us have experienced this to one degree or another. The first time I was misled, I was told that the big tech company I was interviewing for operated more like a startup. (I’m sure almost everyone is cracking up at the fact that I even fell for that, but give a new grad a break 😉) I quit, in tears, because the bureaucracy and office politics eventually wore down my sanity.

The second time I was misled, I was told that I could interview for a PM position even though that position wasn’t really open and I was instead being interviewed as a...

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